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Thank you for your interest in being part of the Factory Of Fear! The Factory of Fear is a volunteer-actor based haunted house and has been for 29 years.

The Factory of Fear constantly changes and evolves our sets. Any work days will be shared on the Factory Of Fear Crew Page on Facebook. We have at least one actor training per month. We will expect volunteers to attend at least one of these trainings between shows to be able to work and/or volunteer at The Factory Of Fear in 2022. We will discuss numerous subjects at all trainings that make this an essential part of haunting.

The Factory of Fear is the longest running haunt in the Quad Cities and is entering its’ 29th year in the same location. We're excited to have you join us for our biggest year yet!

We encourage all actors to develop a character of their own that fits within the storyline of the haunt. For those who have not performed in a haunted house, this is the Olympics of acting, as you are on stage every 90 seconds for 3-5 hrs a night. At least one actor training session is required for all haunt positions. All volunteers must be 18, OR if under 18, have a signed permission slip from a parent or guardian.

In order to be considered for the Actor of the Year award you must complete at least 90% of the nights of the show as well as assist with work days. All other volunteer prizes are available to those who complete at least 75% of show nights. We have a great stipend program which puts a percentage of admission sales back into the hands of our actors. To qualify for the stipend program, you must complete no less than 50% of the nights the haunt is open. The amount of stipends at the end of the season are directly related to how may nights are worked.

Everyone is welcome to participate on work days, keep in mind setup gives you an opportunity to learn more acting tricks, and get to know your fellow haunters, as well as a little about all aspects of the haunt and have fun doing it We look forward to another year of entertaining and scaring people senseless, and hope you can join us!

A portion of the proceeds will continue to benefit RiverBend Food Bank, Don't Be A Monster and Haunters Against Hate. Check our Facebook Page for the latest!


Please use an active email address. The email you use for Facebook normally works best.